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This story is usu­ally told from the point of view of the plains Indian. As it is in the fol­low­ing story. The story of the dark indige­nous Amer­i­can is omit­ted from his­tory or at best dis­torted. When I talk of the dis­tor­tion it has to do with the slave trade. And the idea that all of the dark or brown indige­nous Amer­i­can were car­ried to this land in slave ship. That the dark indige­nous peo­ple were on the east cost is an unques­tion­able fact. This is not an attempt to make any claim, as the facts can no longer be hidden.

(“The role of black Indi­ans, largely omit­ted from or dis­torted in con­ven­tional his­tory books, is traced by William Loren Katz Black Indi­ans: A Hid­den Her­itage. With care­ful and com­mit­ted research he inte­grates their gen­eral his­tory with brief indi­vid­ual biogra­phies, includ­ing lead­ers, army scouts and sol­diers, fron­tiers­men and explor­ers, (and yes) “dan­ger­ous outlaws”

The ques­tion one needs to ask one­self is why was it distorted ?

The hor­rors of the meth­ods of slav­ery have made those dark indige­nous peo­ple for­get any exis­tence prior to enslave­ment. This is a pos­i­tive occur­rence for the enslaver who seeks to con­quer the land and all it’s peo­ple, as there is no need to worry about slaves mak­ing a claim, who do not even know who they are! That dis­torted his­tory is well doc­u­mented and most of the dark indige­nous peo­ple have been incul­cated to it by now. But of our broth­ers on the plain this could not be said. This is the story of our younger brother also dis­torted, (now fully exposed ) and also, now seen as the elder on the land, because oth­ers have forgotten.

What does it mean to fear God?


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Jhon Trudell : All There Is To It

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