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The Com­pletely Unex­pected Rea­son Peo­ple Call Oth­ers ‘Con­spir­acy Theorists’

A sur­pris­ing tac­tic against the Elec­tric Uni­verse is the char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of its pro­po­nents as “con­spir­acy the­o­rists.” Let us lay aside for the moment the ques­tion of the preva­lence of actual “con­spir­a­cies” through­out his­tory and in the world today. Let us explore instead, why is this accu­sa­tion made specif­i­cally against pro­po­nents of the Elec­tric Universe?

Not to long ago I ran into just this type of think­ing. Here is the con­ver­sa­tion I had about the Elec­tric Universe.

Here is two inter­est­ing com­ment from Newton

New­ton: I’ve not yet been able to dis­cover the rea­son for these prop­er­ties of grav­ity from phe­nom­e­nal, and I do not say a hypoth­e­sis, for what­ever is not deduced from the phe­nom­ena must be called a hypothe­ses, and hypoth­e­sis, weather, meta­phys­i­cal or phys­i­cal were based upon acult (hid­den) qual­i­ties or mechan­i­cal. Have no place in exper­i­men­tal phi­los­o­phy in this phi­los­o­phy par­tic­u­lar propo­si­tions are inferred from the phe­nom­ena and after­wards ren­dered gen­er­ally by induction.

New­ton 1692 : it is incon­ceiv­able that inan­i­mate mat­ter should with­out the medi­a­tion of some­thing else, which is not mate­r­ial oper­ate upon and affect other mat­ter with­out mutual con­tact grav­ity should be innate inher­ent and essen­tial to mat­ter so that one body may act upon another edit dis­tance through a vac­uum now the medi­a­tion of any­thing else by and through which the action and coals may be con­veyed from 1 to the other it is to me so great an absur­dity. So great an absur­dity that I believe no man who has in philo­soph­i­cal mat­ters, has com­pe­tent fac­ulty would con­sider. Then be cause by an agent act­ing con­stantly accord­ing to cer­tain laws but whether this agent b mate­r­ial or imma­te­r­ial I have left to the con­sid­er­a­tion of my readers

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