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When I saw this video I said that’s petty good, because I have not been a fan of T.V. for about 25 years. I was think­ing just T.V. at the time and maybe K-​Rino was also, but now I see how prophetic it was, and is. That is if you view it in terms of the major media. Now I know peo­ple my age are not into rap music. Well I’m not into rap either! This is not rap, this is hip hop the dif­fer­ence is like night and day. Hip-​Hop informs, rap deforms!

Now believe it or not the sys­tem know what’s hap­pen­ing on it’s inter­net wires and knows what to slow down and what to let go. This is one of those files that it would be bet­ter (for the sys­tem) if you (because of atten­tion span) just didn’t see. So if this is play­ing slow for you, and you are able to sup­press your arti­fi­cially induced need to keep it mov­ing, then pause the video for a time and let the stream download.

Or, even bet­ter, just let it play one time on mute. Then you will have down­loaded it, and you can then watch it unin­ter­ruped. Or use the link below.

Yea, I want you to see this if you haven’t already.

The file that was here ( The Con­flict) is an old for­mat with­out subtitles.

youtube link : https://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​r​i​z​v​H​3​x​e​_​E​0

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