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I always like this guy how­ever I always said to myself “Don’t get it twisted you don’t even know the guy” after all he’s just an actor, so there is no way you could know what he’s really like right?

Well there are prob­a­bly tons of peo­ple out there who would’ve jumped at the oppor­tu­nity to lock lips with Julia Roberts in her 1993 film The Pel­i­can Brief. After all, the time­less beauty hasn’t been named the world’s most beau­ti­ful woman five times for no rea­son! How­ever Den­zel Wash­ing­ton appar­ently had no inter­est in smooching Roberts, so he opted out of a kiss­ing scene he had with the actress.

Wash­ing­ton report­edly decided not to film the scene with Roberts because he sim­ply didn’t want to play into Hollywood’s unfair ideals of beauty. Con­sid­er­ing his fan base largely con­sists of black women — who are unfor­tu­nately often seen as the “least unde­sir­able” social group, as gath­ered by Metro — his insis­tence to nix the scene was praised among many. Alli­son Samuels, a reporter for Newsweek, talked about Washington’s deci­sion in her 2007 book, Off the Record. She reported the actor as say­ing, “Black women are not often seen as objects of desire on film. And they have always been my core audience.”

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