I'm not even sure when I first saw this video it was just sitting there unpublished. And I'm sure there will be more it's the nature of the beast.


You can't bring a recording of a phone call into court and use it as evidence because there is no way to tell if you had a co-Hort on the other line acting like the department of so and so (that is the logic behind that). And the reason you were asked to send a paper stating that you are protesting under dourest is because she can't sign your name to anything and a statement like that or UCC1-308 (the reservation of rights) must be accompany by a singing.

If you look at your deed you will see that you have agreed to the tax it is in every deed unless you protested it at the closing. However there is such a thing as an unconscionable contract, (which the deeds of today are) but if you don't complain because no one is a mind reader (IN WRITING) then it is deemed that you have not been hurt. And you know what they say no harm no foul. What you don't have and what you are trying to get is allodial title. You have to understand that everything we do and have done for many years is commercial (and we are taken advantage of because we don't understand this). And EVERY singing is a contract! Looking at your picture I would say we are about the same age. Do you remember when all of the city starting using the term "Municipal corporations" [late '60]  when before it was just the city of so and so? That is when the uniform commercial code went into affect.
There is an answer, And at some time I will re-post the answer on my website. That might take some time because at my age and having provided information like this for over 10 years I don't rush anything. Mainly because people use the information and forget about any work I have done to get the information out there.(In other words no one has every said "Thanks here is something for your affords.") But I still think the information should be free. There are many way to do a thing in commercial law so you may find another way such as Quo- Warranto/ State- Ex- Rel Crim­i­nal Com­plaints (which can be found on my site) I will add your video to the post when I do it and also use the title of this video with detail instructions on how to get your allodial title. (When I get around to it!) Till then check out the post above! Look for this title : Sue­ing in the name of the peo­ple (The State) If you want to help others pin this to stay at the top of the comment line. Don't be careless (having no concerns for others) like so many Americans are.

You will have to send a email request to the webmaster if you need detail instructions on how to get your allodial title.

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