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Wile, we broad­cast our pirated single

Devil’s Breath from Colombia

How scary is a drug that can be rubbed on you or put in a drink, or just the smell affect you? If that’s not bad enough, what if the affect of the drug were to make you do what­ever you were told. Like empty out you bank account or assist some­one to rub every­thing in your house and when I say assist I mean help them move the items out.

I remem­ber this name or some­thing like it from a book named “Jour­ney To Ixt­lan” The lessons of Don Juan. In the book there was a plant to be feared called Devil’s Weed, the name sounds related but the term weed sug­gest a plant and in the video it looks like it comes from a tree. If I can find that sec­tion in the book I’ll print it here how­ever, keep in mind it’s a four book set.

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