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There has been an out­break of mon­ster over­sized mos­qui­toes descended on North Car­olina which is con­nected to stand­ing flood­wa­ters left behind by Hur­ri­cane Flo­rence. The video shows a res­i­dent who upon return­ing home from pick­ing her daugh­ter up from school, when an army of the blood-​sucking insects swarmed her vehi­cle and left the pair trapped inside for some time. The video below was recorded on their cell­phone. Some of North Car­olina res­i­dents have com­plained about the mon­ster over­sized mos­qui­toes that are swarm­ing the flood-​ravaged state. These mos­qui­toes (Gallinip­pers, or Psorophora cil­i­ata) as they are prop­erly known, have a wingspan of up to 38 inches. They have a painful bite and are aggres­sive towards humans, but despite their annoy­ing nature — It is reported that “they do not pose a major health haz­ard.” Although rare, the most com­monly reported mosquito-​borne ill­nesses that can be acquired in North Car­olina are LaCrosse encephali­tis, West Nile virus and East­ern equine encephali­tis.
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