You may have forgotten about Fukushima but It remembers you!

I know you don't want to hear about what is still happening at Fukushima. I don't really enjoy thinking about it myself. I also don't want to stick my head in the dirt, because that were most of the radiation is collecting, "AS I TYPE!". Here you'll hear some of the simple things you need to know to protect yourself (as much as you can) and some simple things you can do. You can skip right to the information about your health and what to do by fast forwarding to 1:03:58 but you will be missing a lot if you don't go back and listen to the full video. The first Youtube video this story was linked to was removed. Interestingly over 300 people viewed the story and no one said a word in the comments

{youtube}LsEhZi0hrEM{/youtube} {jcomments on} Leuren Moret is a whistle blower on many subject and has the youtube channel Leuren Moret: Global Nuclear Coverup