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The Cur­rent Year is 6273

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Pref­ace by Troy D. McGlachlan.

Saturn Death cultMythol­ogy as nat­ural his­tory, and human his­tory as occult rit­ual. The Sat­urn Death Cult is an inves­ti­ga­tion into ancient plan­e­tary upheavals that her­alded the birth and destruc­tion of a fabled Golden Age – http://​sat​urn​deathcult​.com/ fol­low­ing which mankind then degen­er­ated into the obses­sive pur­suit of wealth and power through the per­verted hor­rors of slav­ery, child sac­ri­fice and mass-​murder rit­u­als. …At the end would be an exam­ple of exactly what I believe Troy means, the Viet­nam war was in my opin­ion one of these very effects of this, where in the end mil­lions of human beings were need­lessly wasted and not just those that died, many thou­sands if not mil­lions of fam­i­lies will never be the same due to this thing Troy refers too, includ­ing my own.

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