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The Cur­rent Year is 6266

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I don’t know how many of you remem­ber the com­mer­cial from Bud­weiser the mak­ers of beer so many of us still drink. But this bud is for all those peo­ple who don’t believe any­thing the media claims except when it comes to cli­mate change. It is amaz­ing the pub­lic falls for so many things. Like did you really believe that Trump was going to make Amer­ica great again? And if you did what time period was you think­ing of? Maybe the darn of the United State when it was hunt­ing and killing the orig­i­nal natives (so-​called) red and brown peo­ple? Or maybe some­time after when things got a lit­tle more peace­ful and the only peo­ple left to hunt down, kill or enslave were brown peo­ple and because they were hard to find and also hard to kill (by work­ing them in the fields) they had to be imported more from Africa? But I really should not be so hard on trump, after all that line to get into the white house worked so well for the Auto-​bot, I mean the Democ­rats (Obama and Bush 2,) who were both war crim­i­nals, now here’s Trump why would it not work for the orig­i­nal war party the Decep­ti­con (oops, I mean the Republicans)

I could go on but only those who already know will lis­ten and what’s the use? They already know!

So, I did it again, I got off the sub­ject! O.K. Where was I? Oh, that right I was talk­ing about cli­mate change. How is it we can be so sure about some­thing that we have never really look at our­selves but have only taken the word of those who we would not trust on any­thing else? I’m not sure how they (The Media) do that but as Com­man­der Spock would say, Fas­ci­nat­ing! It makes me won­der if any­one was pay­ing atten­tion when just about a few years ear­lier we were talk­ing about a real issue, Pole Shift! O.K. Don’t get me wrong, Yes the cli­mate is chang­ing. How­ever the rea­sons for the change is another thing alto­gether. I know the story, but oth­ers do that (and many other things) bet­ter than I can, and I have a video from one such per­son Here!

Com­ments welcomed!


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