I don't know how many of you remember the commercial from Budweiser the makers of beer so many of us still drink. But this bud is for all those people who don't believe anything the media claims except when it comes to climate change. It is amazing the public falls for so many things. Like did you really believe that Trump was going to make America great again? And if you did what time period was you thinking of? Maybe the darn of the United State when it was hunting and killing the original natives (so-called) red and brown people? Or maybe sometime after when things got a little more peaceful and the only people left to hunt down, kill or enslave were brown people and because they were hard to find and also hard to kill (by working them in the fields) they had to be imported more from Africa? But I really should not be so hard on trump, after all that line to get into the white house worked so well for the Auto-bot, I mean the Democrats (Obama and Bush  2,) who were both war criminals, now here's Trump why would it not work for the original war party the Decepticon (oops, I mean the Republicans)

I could go on but only those who already know will listen and what's the use? They already know!

So, I did it again, I got off the subject! O.K. Where was I? Oh, that right I was talking about climate change. How is it we can be so sure about something that we have never really look at ourselves but have only taken the word of those who we would not trust on anything else? I'm not sure how they (The Media) do that but as Commander Spock would say, Fascinating! It makes me wonder if anyone was paying attention when just about a few years earlier we were talking about a real issue, Pole Shift! O.K. Don't get me wrong, Yes the climate is changing. However the reasons for the change is another thing altogether. I know the story, but others do that (and many other things) better than I can, and I have a video from one such person Here!

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