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There is an old Chi­nese say­ing “May you live in inter­est­ing times.” Well, no one (that I know) would say these are not very inter­est­ing times. How­ever, if you ask me we have been liv­ing in this inter­est­ing time scene J.F.K. was mur­dered! Peo­ple seem to only remem­ber back to the last time any­thing hap­pens. That the power of dialec­tics, in this case, the logic of appear­ances and of illu­sions: the logic of fallacy!

So why is Bernie say­ing this in his newsletter?

This was his plat­form! This is what he ran on to become President.

Talk about inter­est­ing times, only if you don’t know there can be only one!

The only ques­tion to ask Bernie is “Why is it should we wait again?”

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