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The Cur­rent Year is 6265

When some­one can make cur­rency (money) from noth­ing, and you have to work to get that cur­rency, then you are work­ing for free (A SLAVE) as far as it con­cerns the per­son mak­ing the cur­rency, regard­less of how much you can buy with it. Why this is so hard for peo­ple to under­stand is beyond me! But many just say “I don’t care I can buy what I want!” and what can you say to that but the case is closed. It’s been 90 years this has been hap­pen­ing. And many of those who under­stand this are no longer on the planet and the oth­ers think it’s nor­mal. I think the reset is about keep­ing that sta­tus intact. The peo­ple in the united States have never paid atten­tion to the nations econ­omy, they assume that their repersen­tives will do that.

How­ever many econ­o­mist have been yelling at the top of their col­lec­tive voices about the col­lapse of the econ­omy, and that we have pass the point of fix­ing the prob­lem. Bet­ter to crash it and blame it on any­thing other than them­selves (the politi­cians and the bankers). But, how would the peo­ple who think they have money (as oppose to cur­rency) think oth­er­wise because it has been that way for over 50 years since there was any con­nec­tion with the cur­rency to any­thing of real value. As is man­dated by the con­sti­tu­tion of the nation so that what has hap­pened would not happen.

What’s very strange, peo­ple have been act­ing like a per­sona in the movie the Matrix. I know how that sounds. But, if you give some peo­ple facts (CDC num­bers or OHSA reg­u­la­tions) they will tell you what they have been read­ing in the news­pa­per or hear­ing in the media. The same paper and media that told us that JFK was killed by a magic bul­let. The same papers and media that told us the the world trade cen­ter col­lapse was done by fly­ing alu­minum and JP4 fuel! Some peo­ple even still believe it, that is the power of the media! The worst thing about this is there is no feel­ing any­more in the streets. I can’t believe I am the only one to notice, peo­ple still smile and laugh, but, you can’t see it. Can any­one think what this is doing to the chil­dren or am I the only one who thinks about that? Will any­one talk about it or are you just wait­ing for it to go away? It will never go away if you com­ply, if you don’t have a say because you refuse to say any­thing. The beast is at the door, and you put your head in the sand, and think he will go away.

They can twist real­ity into any shape they like…”

George Orwell 1984

The great reset, from the old Mis­sis­sippi to the new Mississippi!

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