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Hanging CatThis story from Aesop’s Fables as all of the fables was made to teach the youth morals. How­ever, in these days in united States it is rec­om­mended not only for the chil­dren, but for the adults.

There was once a house that was over­run with Mice. A Cat heard of this, and said to her­self, “That’s the place for me,” and off she went and took up her quar­ters in the house, and caught the Mice one by one and ate them.

At last the Mice could stand it no longer, and they deter­mined to take to their holes and stay there. “That’s awk­ward,” said the Cat to her­self: “the only thing to do is to coax them out by a trick.” So she con­sid­ered a while, and then climbed up the wall and let her­self hang down by her hind legs from a peg, and pre­tended to be dead. By and by a Mouse peeped out and saw the Cat hang­ing there. “Aha!” it cried, “you’re very clever, madam, no doubt: but you may turn your­self into a bag of meal hang­ing there, if you like, yet you won’t catch us com­ing any­where near you.”


If you are wise you won’t be deceived by the inno­cent airs of those whom you have once found to be dangerous.

Applies to New York Times, CNN, ABC, BBC, Twit­ter, Youtube, Face­book in short the major media!

Why? Pearl Har­bor, USS Lib­erty, JFK, Waco, World Trade Center!

Make up your own mind.

It’s been a long time that any­one has tried to hack my web­site, but, lately this has been hap­pen­ing again. I won­der why that would be?

From Global Research

Accord­ing to the Duden dic­tio­nary, a code of hon­our is “the total­ity of norms con­cern­ing hon­our and hon­ourable behav­iour that apply in a soci­ety or group” (1). This unwrit­ten set of rules about the good con­duct of pro­fes­sional groups, asso­ci­ated with cor­re­spond­ing oblig­a­tions and priv­i­leges, no longer seems to apply to aca­d­e­mic and other promi­nent pro­fes­sional groups.

Peo­ple world­wide are thus dri­ven into a state of hard­ship, poverty and hope­less­ness, of iso­la­tion and out­cast­ness. A crafts­man can­not afford such behav­iour with­out being pun­ished for it and los­ing his job. Do politi­cians, doc­tors, jour­nal­ists or psy­chol­o­gists, for exam­ple, also have to fear such con­se­quences in view of obvi­ously bla­tant vio­la­tions of their pro­fes­sional ethics? Who will one day hold them account­able for their behaviour?

The arti­cle by a col­league from “RUBIKON” prompted me to take another look at the code of hon­our of out­stand­ing pro­fes­sional groups. (2) I rec­om­mend every fel­low cit­i­zen to do the same, should they not have woken up yet: Start with the Oath of Hip­pocrates, the doctor’s vow orig­i­nally writ­ten in Greek, and con­tinue with the oath of office or ser­vice of politi­cians, the pro­fes­sional eth­i­cal guide­lines of psy­chol­o­gists, and even the nation­ally and inter­na­tion­ally bind­ing agree­ments for journalists!

How can doc­tors or med­ical pol­icy advi­sors make decrees that are not “for the ben­e­fit of the sick” and that do not pro­tect them from harm and arbi­trary injus­tice (3)?

How can politi­cians bla­tantly vio­late the oath of office they have taken and devote their power not to their own peo­ple but rather to the bil­lion­aire and power “elite” and vio­late fed­eral law? How can psy­chol­o­gists, con­trary to their pro­fes­sional ethics, write trau­ma­tised war returnees fit for ser­vice again, sec­ond tor­tur­ers in their work and cur­rently call on fel­low human beings to per­se­vere and put aside their most basic human needs?

How can the “jour­naille” (riffraff of the press) in no way ful­fil their oblig­a­tion to inform the cit­i­zens truth­fully and to pro­mote peace – and do so with impunity?

A pro­fes­sion is “an activ­ity of a human being which is sys­tem­at­i­cally learned, spe­cialised, usu­ally accom­pa­nied by a cer­tifi­cate of qual­ity, per­formed per­ma­nently and for remu­ner­a­tion on the basis of spe­cial apti­tude and incli­na­tion” (4). If one is not up to it, one should look for a job that is usu­ally only tem­po­rary, is not tied to a spe­cial apti­tude or train­ing and above all can­not cause any harm.

All fel­low cit­i­zens are called upon not to con­tinue to accept the bla­tant vio­la­tions of the writ­ten or even unwrit­ten rules of good con­duct by the var­i­ous occu­pa­tional groups, but to demand it with­out delay. They must not allow only the “Hon­ourable Soci­ety” to abide by its code of honour.


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Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is a grad­u­ate psy­chol­o­gist and educationalist.


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