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The basic facts are 4 peo­ple now have Bell’s palsy, and it devel­oped because of the new Pfizer vac­cine (for Covid-​19)

Bell’s Palsy is a con­di­tion that causes a weak­ness or paral­y­sis of the mus­clers in the face. The con­di­tion cause one side of your face to droop or become stiff. This is not con­sid­ered (except to the affected per­son) to be “non-​serious” reac­tion. This should be kept in mind when they tell you that there were only a few “Non-​serious” rec­tion to the vaccine.

For more on this here is the FDA link to the PDF which will load to your screen or you can down­load it.

Adverse Reac­tions (CAUSE FOR CON­CERN?)

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