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The Cur­rent Year is 6265

Money is nec­es­sary! The prob­lem is our con­cept of what is money (or what money is). I had a long con­ver­sa­tion with one of the freedom-​cell mem­bers about what money is on this site. I told him that money is not the paper in your pocket or the bit-​coin on your com­puter screen. I attempted to explain to him that those are an expres­sion of money, but not money itself. There has always been money, how­ever, we didn’t call it that, we called the exchange of money barter. Labor is the real money and cur­rency is the expres­sion of that money (the abil­ity to use the pro­duc­tion power in a more expan­sive way). Money is the fruit of your labor. It is a com­pres­sion of your time, it’s the thing you work for, is it not?

This per­son at the end of our con­ver­sa­tion, went so far as to say that money is just a math­e­mat­i­cal cal­cu­la­tion. It is not, and if it were then that math­e­mat­i­cal cal­cu­la­tion would be the source of all pro­duc­tion. It is the peo­ple that are the source of all pro­duc­tion. The gov­ern­ment pro­duces noth­ing, other than laws which are used to appro­pri­ate the pro­duc­tion power of the peo­ple. This is done via a lack of knowl­edge and there­fore the sup­port of the unwit­ting. If some­thing is not pro­duce by the peo­ple with human labor it is not money. If you attach cur­rency to noth­ing other than the word of the gov­ern­ment or a math­e­mat­i­cal cal­cu­la­tion you are enslav­ing your­self to those who made those devices with­out labor, and are trad­ing your labor for the fic­tion they have made.

As you can see by the image above I did try to keep it on freedomcells!

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