Money is necessary! The problem is our concept of what is money (or what money is). I had a long conversation with one of the freedom-cell members about what money is on this site. I told him that money is not the paper in your pocket or the bit-coin on your computer screen. I attempted to explain to him that those are an expression of money, but not money itself. There has always been money, however, we didn't call it that, we called the exchange of money barter. Labor is the real money and currency is the expression of that money (the ability to use the production power in a more expansive way). Money is the fruit of your labor. It is a compression of your time, it's the thing you work for, is it not?

This person at the end of our conversation, went so far as to say that money is just a mathematical calculation. It is not, and if it were then that mathematical calculation would be the source of all production. It is the people that are the source of all production. The government produces nothing, other than laws which are used to appropriate the production power of the people. This is done via a lack of knowledge and therefore the support of the unwitting. If something is not produce by the people with human labor it is not money. If you attach currency to nothing other than the word of the government or a mathematical calculation you are enslaving yourself to those who made those devices without labor, and are trading your labor for the fiction they have made.

As you can see by the image above I did try to keep it on freedomcells!