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The Cur­rent Year is 6266

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End of the Road: How Money Became Worth­less! A End­ver Documentary

The title says how money became worth­less. The title is incor­rect, how­ever, it has been named that way because most peo­ple don’t know the dif­fer­ence between money and cur­rency. If you are not sure what I’m talk­ing about lis­ten to the post “Money vs Cur­rency” the link is on the front page in for­got­ten post. If you think Bit-​Coin is the answer, then I advice you to remem­ber what Bit-​Coin is, cur­rency with­out back­ing, a math prob­lem. Bit-​Coin is not con­nected to human labor and there­fore has no con­nec­tion to money IMO! Which is a good rea­son to buy sil­ver or gold, If you can by the time you see this. If you can’t buy any save your nick­els. It’s the only real coins (money) that are still in circulation!

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