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The Cur­rent Year is 6274

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I’m sure a lot of peo­ple looked at that title and said, ” I’m not read­ing this it looks like another request for money. And Just as a knee jerk reac­tion I would say, “I don’t ask for that much, maybe 3 times in the last 23 years.That not alot, and most of you didn’t help, any­way, like100%. Now I know how every­one is ask­ing you to donate to them because they have a youtube chan­nel. Some­time I also fall for the kool-​aid and think I should be ask­ing also, but don’t worry. I’m not about out that, this is not a request. That not what this post is about. This post is for all you folks who and still stuck in this movie “They Live

I am not a religous per­son. I think of myself as a spir­i­taul one. But, before I play this music video for you, I’d like to give you my impres­sion of what I think the reframe is really say­ing. But first we have to look at the word in the song.

“One Day, I hope you see the truth, this pupet show stay on because of you fools
We’ve been danc­ing with the devil way to long, I know it’s Armaged­don, ready to pay your dues!
Oh God come back home, This crazy world is filled with liars and abusers
We need you now before we’re too far gone, I hope one day they will finally see the truth
God we need you now!
To me this is not a song about wait­ing for god! It’s a song about bring­ing god back home! What do I mean? The bible state that the king­dom of god is within you. Once more I’m not telling you to believe what I do. What I am say­ing is (the sto­ries notwith­stand­ing in) the Bible have an abun­dance of truth in them. And it saids “The King­dom of god is within!” So if the king­dom of god is within you, where is god? Did he leave his king­dom? The answer to that is YES! 4 Some of them.

All of you!


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