Man: I am, at least, I think I am, There­fore, I must be!

Machine: Of cause you are my bright lit­tle star. You’re miles beneath piles of your fore­fa­thers fruit! And now to suit, Our great com­puter, you’re mag­netic ink!

Man: I’m more than that! I know I am! At lease I think, I must be!
Mind: There you go man, keep as cool as you can! Face piles of tri­als with smiles! It’s riles them to believe that you pre­cive, the web they weave, and keep on think­ing free!

:The Moddy Blues

Sur­ro­gates in the Meta­verse Future

Now I’ll show some of the stuff I pick up look­ing around! Remem­ber give the video time to load, we don’t have face­book (META) bandwidth

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