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The Cur­rent Year is 6273

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The Cur­rent Year is 6273

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The infor­ma­tion that fol­lows in this post is what you would find in the Cur­ricu­lum of Inclu­sion. But today in some cir­cles this would be called Crit­i­cal Race Theory.

This is to make it seem that there is a prob­lem with telling the his­tory, the true his­tory of Amer­ica. But as we can see with the con­tro­versy in Florida and Dis­ney some peo­ple think that it would be bet­ter to teach ado­les­cence about the gay agenda before they reach Mid­dle School. So we’ll take a look and see just what they are so afraid of!

The Mis Edu­ca­tion of The Amer­i­can Indian


Why You Should Not Wear A Mask!

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