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The Cur­rent Year is 6274

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Meet­ing of the Inner Circle

Thurs­day, Mid­night to 3:00 a.m.
The Meet­ing of the Inner Cir­cle
Hosted by Adama Alaji

The Meet­ing of the Inner Cir­cle is intended to be inspi­ra­tional, infor­ma­tional, moti­va­tional and thought pro­vok­ing. Adama Speaks to the issues of res­ur­rec­tion, the pre­req­ui­sites for being qual­i­fied for con­tin­u­ance in exis­tence and pro­vides the keys to under­stand­ing the Laws that gov­ern exis­tence. Insight­ful, pro­found, and intensely expres­sive, Adama exalts the Intel­li­gence of Exis­tence as All there Is and pro­vides the sub­stance of knowl­edge, love, light, wis­dom, and truth that renews the spirit, opens the heart, stim­u­lates the mind, expands the con­scious­ness and heals the body. She artis­ti­cally blends pow­er­ful mes­sages in the music, deliv­ers pro­found flu­id­ity of truth, love, wis­dom, humor and power in her mono­logues that addresses the issues of the day giv­ing lever­age to rise above all cir­cum­stances and sit­u­a­tions. Encour­ag­ing, sup­port­ing, life affirm­ing, and truly gifted, Adama uses the air waves to cre­ate greater unity through­out the global com­mu­ni­ties exalt­ing the Intel­li­gence of Exis­tence as the one eye that truly sees through all beings. She is the voice of the voice­less and speaks on behalf of all orders of exis­tence. Adama reminds every­one that we are already in the heav­ens dwelling on Mother Earth and the ulti­mate tran­si­tion is the one that car­ries us into the spir­i­tual worlds. Although this pro­gram deals with wholis­tic health & well­ness it also exalts prac­ti­cal spir­i­tu­al­ity and empha­sizes the real­ity of Con­scious Cos­mic Cit­i­zen­ship as the true har­mo­nizer and pre-​requisite for being con­tin­ued in exis­tence beyond our earth res­i­dency. This pro­gram touches every aspect of our lives and is truly empow­er­ing, it belongs in the cat­e­gory of “Essen­tial & Necessary”.

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