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The Cur­rent Year is 6274

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The Cur­rent Year is 6274

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It is my con­sid­ered opin­ion or at least an opin­ion that I’ve con­sid­ered highly. That in every Chris­t­ian reli­gion there is a great amount of Truth. The prob­lem is that it is buried in mys­ti­cism. And in fact should be called New World mysticism!

At the present time is a lot of con­tro­versy over the fact of the mis­treat­ment of brown peo­ple in Amer­ica. And why that is so. Is my belief that this hatred for lack of a bet­ter term, comes from the most unlikely Realm of jeal­ousy. Now whether this is con­scious or uncon­scious in my analy­sis the fact remains the same. So what the hell do the rulers of this world have to be jeal­ous of a peo­ple who can hardly sus­tain them­selves in their soci­ety? And what could it pos­si­bly have to do with the con­di­tion of brown peo­ple today.

In order to look at this from my point of view we have to go back in time. Way back, but not so far back that will run into troglodyte, you know cave­men! I only have to go back to the time of Homer. Who the hell is Homer, you might ask?

Homer was a Greek poet who is cred­ited as the author of The Iliad and the Odyssey. Strangely we only have been told about those two books of which there it is, in fact, a three book edi­tion. So what’s miss­ing? The Prius [ If the spelling is even cor­rect I can say.] Have­ing never see the word in print! No mat­ter how hard you search on the inter­net you will not find it.There are Some things they will not even put in the books! And peo­ple won­der why we want all of his­tory, Not just the part that make Europi­ans look like the light which they are not, or have not lived up to! But the full title is “The lliad the Ethiopist and the Odyssesy” the As a mat­ter of fact the only thing I’ve heard about the book is that in that book is the term “The Blame­less Ethiopians”

Who are the blame­less Ethiopi­ans? Well that a long story, And I can’t hold the fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion to tell it about that now,

But if inter­ested look for the com­ing post “The Blame­less Ethiopi­ans”! But there is an old record­ing on our sound server (no longer pub­lished) If I find it I’ll post it!

The Key of knowledge

So I’m an Aries, so my days are!

Enter­ing the Moon as a sign Aries in 2022 year, New York: 8 jan­u­ary 00:25 4 feb­ru­ary 09:56 3 march 19:52 31 march 05:30 27 april 12:09 24 may 17:39 20 june 23:36 18 july 07:17 14 august 16:42 11 sep­tem­ber 02:46 8 octo­ber 11:56 4 novem­ber 19:06 1 decem­ber 23:40 29 decem­ber 05:35

More infor­ma­tion on the moon​horo​scope​.com

Or you can go right on think­ing what the pow­ers tell you about horo­scopes that they are from the Dark side! It’s on you…

I found the story on my site! It’s one of the first post on the site!

The lliad the Ethiopist and the Odyssesy” AKA Memnon!

The video is in WMV for­mat and is no longer used on the internet!

NOTE If I get time I’ll con­vert it, so if you don’t want to down­load it, just wait till I get back to it and make a video.


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