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The polit­i­cal and eco­nomic foun­da­tion of the United States is built on the corpses of legal lynch­ing, or “lynch law”. With­out the geno­cide and enslave­ment of Black and indige­nous peo­ples, the US cap­i­tal­ist class could not have amassed its prof­its, wealth, or power. Fol­low­ing the pas­sage of the 13th Amend­ment that sup­pos­edly ended Black chat­tel slav­ery at the close of the Civil War, the US cap­i­tal­ist class moved quickly to reor­ga­nize the cap­i­tal­ist econ­omy so newly “freed” Blacks would remain enslaved. Convict-​leasing, share­crop­ping, and legal­ized seg­re­ga­tion ensured Black exploita­tion and white power. These bru­tal forms of exploita­tion were kept intact by white ter­ror­ism in the form of lynching

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