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This pow­er­ful and pro­found video explains how ‘earth­ing’ works. Since the 1950’s we have been starv­ing our­self of the most abun­dant source of anti-​oxidants. Watch how in the break­through video.

Basi­cally grown­ing our­self to the Earth via walk­ing on the Earth with­out insu­la­tion we extract anti-​oxidants from the planet. We sug­gest if noth­ing else you try it.

Army of one

In the annals of shame and hypocrisy, few things match America’s duplic­ity toward its vet­er­ans.

For their trou­bles, they earn lip ser­vice from politi­cians, are allowed to board some air­planes first, receive a few bucks off at restau­rants and, once a year, get their own hol­i­day on which every­body expresses sup­port for them. They are also hon­ored at sport­ing events in cer­e­monies that, despite appear­ances, are actu­ally paid for with tax­payer dol­lars.

But step away from these feel-​good exer­cises, and you get a bucket of cold water in your face. Let’s take a frank look at the seri­ous prob­lems that vet­er­ans are fac­ing every day — and what is or isn’t being done about them.

This could use­ful for those who live in the United State where any attempt to con­trol and pro­tect your­self and your loved ones has all but been abol­ished. Inter­estly, It also proves that dan­ger­ous phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals are not needed to treat life threat­en­ing ailments.

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