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On check­ing the site I find videos that were of inter­est to the pub­lic are slowly being removed from that plat­form, this is what hap­pens when your prod­uct is sold to the gov­ern­ment. YES! youtube is part of the gov­ern­ment and will be known by all soon.

I am posted this as a con­trast and con­nec­tion to the post Which Way? Nichol­son1968 These two post are con­nected. The con­nec­tion may not be appear­ent on it’s face. How­ever, if you view thee two post you may notice the mes­sage in these two post are about con­nec­tion. Your con­nect to some­thing much larger than your­self and your abilty to make and keep that con­nec­tion. What makes them dif­fer is the his­tor­i­cal points in one and the myths in the other. I’ll leave it up to the viewer to inden­tify which is which.

Gra­ham Han­cock: Elves, Aliens, Angels & Ayahuasca FULL LECTURE

SHOW NOTE:Every day sci­en­tists learn more and more about human­ity and our past, often turn­ing up new evi­dence that chal­lenges the accepted views and received wis­dom of long-​established orthodoxy.

Whats New in Gaza

If you do nothing else, Check out the forgotten post section on the home page (Top Left). It's the reason the site was made. If you are going to court read or listen to Free Speech Radio, Seat-belts 1 & 2 and Cog­ni­tive Dis­so­nance at High Fre­quency! In that order. Posted in Audio and text format.

The Orig­i­nal 3th Party...... Pigs = 1% "all over the World"

Trump’s Wik­ileaks

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