These stories happened from 11/2 to 6 years ago

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They are in the correct order as far as for the time they happen. But you may want to listen and read along to the last audio (text below) if you need to go to court soon!

(1998) Seat Belts The First Time (case dismissed)

This file is the first and has much to do with code and reflect my understanding at the time of writting it.

(2011) Letter of Rotatory


At this time we have a better understanding but still using their way,

(2010) The Last Time

This is how to win in court!


  This is the third installment of seat belts. My true story about my dealing with the policy enforcement officers and their courts. This time it didn't go as smooth as the last two times. There are a few reasons for that, I'm also happy that I waited to write this story. Because now (after thinking about it,) I have a better understanding of what happen in the court. But let me start at the beginning.  
At the end of last year (2011) I was traveling from a friends house to home. (Hopefully you have read or listen to the audio seat-belt, and have read seat-belt 2. If not you should do that first as to not get confused.) that tells the story about when I was stop by policy enforcement officers. This time one thing (which was my asking for I.D.) lead to another and I found myself in jail. This may seem like a bad thing and many times it is. (it's a good thing for me I don't work for an employer.) What happens is that if you know your law and you reflect back you will learn something. I learned that when stopped one should advice the officer that "By continuing this line of conversation that you are entering into a contract." I'll always have my phone near by so I can record it. It does not matter if he does not agree, his action speak louder than his words could ever speak. Something you may want to remind him of. You can also at this time advice him of your fee schedule. (I gave one of 500 an hour and 5000 an hour if arrested) How much you charge for the time that your giving him. He is getting paid for his time, and your time is not free!
Should you see fit, you may collect on it later. Let's talk about what happen in court. [But first I have to tell you that the last time I was stopped I was not in the city, I was in New York, but in the outlying county. The courts are smaller and you have more access to the administrate of the case (The judge). I created another letter as the one that in seatbelt 2 and went to give it to the clerk to give to the judge, as I did the last time. The clerk would not take it. So I asked for the name of the judge on the case. After finding where his courtroom was, I took the letter to his court room and gave it to the ballet. He gave it to the judge. Some time pass and he came back with it. He said the judge was not going to take it. At the time this was a problem, but looking back on what happen, I now see it did work. I say that because when the court date came, that judge was no were to be found. He had removed himself from the case. [Once looked at the judge is bound by it! Because he in fact did get it.]
So when I get to court there is a new judge that I didn't give a notice too, and I also have this public defender that they attach to me, and I can't go to court with him unless I want to lose. I see this could go on forever, If I give this judge a notice they will just change the judge on the case. So I told them I needed time to find a lawyer. A stall tactic. I did this two times because now I have to find another tactic for going back to court and winning. Well first I have to get rid of the public defender, so I can deal with the court master to public servant. So I told the public defender that he can represent me if he signs my contract. Remember from seatbelt 1 (above) we all have the right to contract and no one or court can stop that! Well when I put this to the public defender he said "No Conditions". To which I replied " Why would I want you to defend me unconditionally?" Please understand that is to say, that whatever he wants to do with the case he can! Well thats not the way I roll! I didn't say any more than that because the rest has to be saved for the right time in court. I get to court and they call my name ( now there is that thing with the name that I talked about in the last two installments of this story. But they don't apply as there is no question of who I am after an arrest.) I go up and state "I can't find a lawyer to sign my contract" and I have the mail stubs from the post office that I mail out in seat-belts 1 some 3 years ago. I also have my case all worked out in a folder which I placed on the table provided for lawyers to read from should I need to use them. I notice that the judge and the prosecutor looked at me funny (like whats he doing) then they looked at the public defender. Without anyone asking the public defender said "He still looking for a lawyer." (remember I did the stall tactic once before) To which I quickly added "that's correct I can't find a lawyer who will sign my contract to represent me in this matter." The judge looks at me and said "What con...." but then she stop asking what ever she was going to ask me. What was she going to ask? Could it be "what contract?" Of cause that would have been a very bad question to ask someone who is not a lawyer in court. One needs to understand that everything that happens in court has been played out at sometime in the past and everyone in the court system knows the play-book except you. So the judge knows as do lawyers not to ask a question in court when they don't known the answer you going to give. In this case the judge would have gotten the terms of the contract and it would be on the record. And it could give ideas to others who will come after me. Just in case you ever need to use this, here is how it works. They (Lawyers) will never ask to see the contract, because they know they will not sign it anyway. I understand that might not be good enough for you. So you what to know, whats in it (or what would be in this contract.) There are only three things you need in your contract.

1. That the lawyer will not argue the facts of the case.

2 That the lawyer be converted on all charges.

3 That the lawyer will accept private funds for compensation.

What does this mean?

1. That the lawyer will not argue the facts of the case. If you have read or listen to W.B.A.I. story then you know that everything in court has to do with commercial law (business law) so the facts of the case about committing an offense are irrelevant.

2 That the lawyer be converted on all charges. This is just saying you refuse to be held responsible for what comes out of his mouth. And that if anyone will go to jail it will be the lawyer not you.

3 That the lawyer will accept private funds for compensation. For this one go back to my story on money. As there is no money the law is that one can't ask for any one type of currency. So use your own funds. Accept for value (accepted for value) if you don't know what that is just go to you-tube and do a search.


(There is also a long contract on this site which also works!) [No longer available ]

OK, where was I? Right, the judge was just about to ask a bad question. So she (the judge) didn't go into that line of questioning. Instead she said Well Mr. Adinkrahene you have a lawyer standing right next to you and he is willing to represent you. I said to the judge "Oh No! I already asked him and he said he wouldn't sign it. At this point the lawyer had a real stupid look on his face almost made me bust out laughing in court. The judge then said in a matter a fact way "Well Mr Adinkrahene he can't sign your contract because he already has a contract with the city to defend you." To which I replied "Well it sounds like he has a conflict of interest!" CHECKMATE, or as they say in the game, check and mate! I look at the judge and she had a big smile on her face. Was she hiding her embarrassment for falling into my simple trap, or was she happy that someone in the city is thinking? I can't say but she next said. "OK what we are going to do is dismiss the case for 90 day pending discharge" I think she could see on my face that I was not going for that because she looks at me and said "Whats the problem now Mr. Adinkrahene that's the best you can hope for with the charges you have against you." It was now my turn to give orders, so I said I would be very happy if the case were discharge now!" To which she replied "Granted!" (end of case.) Let me put some tape on the open ends. When a case is dismissed, things in the case (public funds/bonds) are still out in your name. Discharge means that there is no more energy in the case. Hope this helps someone. But I suggest you get grounded in the maxims of law before attempting anything in court! And don't wait till you need them to learn them!



It is Best to look at our current courts system and it's laws/codes as


There is no spoon!

A note for the last time:

What I forgot to mention is that the second time I went to court, I also had a conversation with the judge. In that conversation I was asked if I was working. And I told the judge "No" she then asked how I was going to pay for the lawyer after I told her I was not working? Why would she be concerned how I pay for a lawyer? I can only think that if I told her that I was using FRN's (Federal Reserve Note) that she could use that as her assumption that I was under her jurisdiction. I told her "with private funds!" Non FRN's

Also see seat-belts covering the bases

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